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Bubba Presents: ICAST 2019

This past year has been one of the most exhilarating to date for not only the Bubba™ brand, but the Bubba™ Team as a whole. We've spent the last two years with no days off—cultivating a fresh take to the Bubba™ re-branding process. Charting new waters with an innovative, new line of fishing gear and with the overwhelmingly positive public response to our Electric Fillet Knife, we can promise you we have some thrilling launches for you up our sleeves. (Hint Hint.)


Through this experience and introduction of new, innovative products, we encompassed our 'Water to Plate' lifestyle through our ICAST attendance this year. The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is one of the largest industry fishing conventions that we regularly look forward to in Orlando. Months of preparation goes into ensuring we have exciting new gear and imagery to inspire you to live 'The Ultimate Lifestyle™'.


We highlighted several new products, including our Fishing and Fillet Gloves, small, medium and large-sized nets, four gaffs and our Lithium Ion and 110V Electric Fillet Knife. Even though this was our first Electric Fillet Knife launch, we decided that we couldn't launch one without the other; giving you two versions to add to your collection.


As if our booth didn't already initiate unparalleled hype and attention, our hard work brought us on stage to receive our first 'Fishing Academy Award' for our 110V Electric Fillet Knife; winning the New Product Showcase's Best in Category for Cutlery, Hand Pliers or Tools from the American Sportfishing Association. We capped off an eventful day full of successes by launching our first official Bubba Red Party—celebrating 'The Bubba™ Way' with unique recipes crafted by the inventive Chef Cosmo Goss. Good music. Good company. Good vibes.


There was no holding back the following day. In true 'Bubba Fashion', we continued to captivate our retail customers, ambassadors, media and consumers alongside Chef Cosmo's mouth-watering sashimi and Bubba™ Beer growlers. Yum.


Full Bleed Image

At the show’s conclusion, we not only were reflecting upon our current successes, but reminding ourselves of ways to stay dedicated in producing the highest quality gear—stay tuned. Cheers,


The Bubba™ Team