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3 Things Your Next Fishing Net Should Have

With thousands of fishing nets on the market, it’s hard to even know where to begin. So that’s why we came up with 3 main things to look for when purchasing your next fishing net. We believe the most important feature is the construction and framing of the net. The second is the grip of the net and the third is the netting. When deciding what to buy, look for these 3 things to find the most reliable net on the market.

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1. Hall of Frame

The most important thing in a fishing net is looking at the construction of its frame. The stronger the frame, the higher the rating. The higher the rating, the bigger the fish you can haul in. Rating refers to the optimum level (in our case weight) the machine or object is designed to withstand. Our net is constructed from Carbon Fiber which gives it an extremely high rating. The typical rating for fishing nets is less than half of ours. Carbon Fiber is perfect because it’s very light with a high strength to weight ratio. A light net makes it easy for traveling or lifting out heavy fish. Carbon Fiber has a leg up though because it’s 8x stronger than Aluminum, temperature tolerant and corrosion-resistant. Our Carbon Fiber Fishing Nets will last you a lifetime.

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2. Get a Grip

Grip is the second thing to look for in a reliable net because nothing’s worse than having your net slip right out of your hands, sending your fish back into the water. Believe us, we’ve been there. Even one small slip can potentially cost you your next trophy fish. On top of the added security, we also look for a grip that’s comfortable and gives you control because you never know what kind of situation, you’ll find yourself in or how much room you’ll have to maneuver. With our fishing net we have comfort and reliable with our famous non-slip-grip handle on our nets. Between the rod and reel and your net, your hands are in for a workout after a full day of fishing, so you’ll be grateful you didn’t skimp on comfort when it comes to your net.

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3. Nothing but Net

The third thing to look for is the netting. Netting is the most likely point of failure and net integrity is absolutely essential for hauling in your next trophy fish, especially if they’re fighters. Fishing nets are constructed from a variety of materials from organic polyamides such as wool and silk thread to artificial polyamides like nylon. For a net strong enough to snag a fish and gentle enough to protect it, PVC nylon netting is the way to go. PVC Nylon, compared to cotton or wool, is much stronger and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Organic polyamides are more likely to absorb water and wear and tear over the years which is why artificial polyamides reign supreme. That is why we engineered our Fishing Nets to have PVC nylon coated netting. The PVC prevents tangles, knots and makes sure hooks won’t get caught in the netting.

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So, remember guys, don’t settle for a sub-par net when you’re out chasing a fish of a lifetime. You’ll need a net that will last a lifetime and withstand anything you throw at it. That’s why we made our Carbon Fiber fishing net with PVC nylon coated netting, a Carbon Fiber handle and added our non-slip-grip handle for extra stability. It’ll be the last net you’ll ever need.
― The BUBBA™ Team