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4 Things You Should Be Looking For In A Gaff

1. Gaff Strength

When you go to gaff a fish, you want a gaff that is going to hold up to the strongest of fish since that is the reason you are targeting those large game fish. If your gaff isn’t going to hold up with the big guys, what’s the point of even having one? Ideally, you need to find a gaff that is made of a strong material and solid construction. The number one material to look for in a gaff handle is Carbon Fiber. Carbon fiber is extremely strong from its bonded, chain-like molecular structure and is used on things like spaceships, baseball bats and racecars, which are all things that have to withstand a ton of kinetic force. On top of the overall strength and durability, Carbon Fiber is much lighter than its metal competitors, making it extremely beneficial for those fish that never quit fighting.

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2. Gaff Length

Another key component of a gaff is finding one with the correct length. You want something that you can handle and will also reach the fish as it comes up next to your boat. If you have a higher deck, our 7’ Carbon Fiber Gaffs are the perfect option for you. You do not want to be leaning over too much, as balance is key when you are out on choppy water and dealing with an extremely strong fish. If you’re going to be closer to the water or using a smaller skiff style boat, look into our short 5’ Carbon Fiber Gaff options as you will be able to more easily control the gaff for the perfect puncture. Our best advice is to try determining what fish you will be targeting in helping select the correct gaff length.

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3. Grip Handle Security

Being around the water, you’ll want a gaff that has a strong grip. There is nothing’s worse than having a gaff slip right out of your hands, sending your trophy fish back into the depths of the ocean. On top of the added security, we also suggest looking at the design and comfort of the grip. On all of our Carbon Fiber Gaffs, we have specifically designed them with our iconic non- slip grip for ultimate comfort and reliability. Between the rod, reel and your gaff, your hands and arms are in for a workout after a full day on the water, so you’ll be grateful you did not skimp on comfort when it comes to your grip selection.

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4. Gaff Hook

Finally, the hook is widely considered the most important part of a gaff. You’ll want a gaff that is extremely sharp for ease of puncturing the fish. It should in all reality, only take one clean swipe to hook and pull a fish in. Once again, the easiest way to determine the correct hook size is by knowing the fish species you will be targeting. We offer two hook sizes, a 4” hook that is designed for your larger game fish and a 3” hook that is geared for you smaller fish. For a gaff to have a strong, sharp tip, they typically need to be comprised of premium steel. All of our gaff hooks specifically built from a high-end 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, making them extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Your gaff needs to have a hook with the correct size, strength and sharpness so be sure you are looking at the design and makeup of the hook before your next gaff purchase.

Before you plunge in on your first, or third gaff purchase, remember these topics, so that you are properly equipped to finish the job when you’re hauling in that trophy.
― The BUBBA™ Team