Bubba Life

Bass Fishing and Bubba

Feat. Elliott Stark

The largemouth bass is the most commonly targeted fish in America. Bass are found all across this wonderful country of ours—from coast to coast, from North to South, in rivers and lakes—you name it. If there’s a hole in the ground large enough to hold water, you can bet there might be a bass or two in it. And if there are bass in said hole, you can also bet that it shouldn’t take long before there’s somebody fishing for them.

Not only is bass fishing a great thing to do, but it also happens to be the basis for the most expansive network of fishing tournaments in the world. From high school and college students to Church leagues and the world of highly-skilled, highly dedicated professionals— there’s a bass circuit for everyone. In many places, bass fishing, and the competitions that surround it, is as much a fabric of weekends as watching football or eating barbecue.

While we’re excited about the latest members of Team Bubba, we’re excited to look at the calendar, too. The emergence of spring means that it is time to get out on the water-- and we’ve got you covered. Bubba’s 6.5” Pistol Grip Pliers are made with the hardcore bass angler in mind. The pliers feature non-slip handles (in the iconic Bubba red, of course) and an easy-access sheath made to be worn on your waist. The pliers’ 90-degree angle provides all of the torque and leverage necessary for safe and rapid hook removal. The carbide line cutters make short work of lure replacement. It’s the only plier you need.

Bubba’s Carbon Fiber Fishing Net is the perfect tool for turning the bass that you hook into the bass that you catch. Available in three sizes, the Bubba Net is hardcore and engineered for serious fishing. Featuring a knotless, pvc-coated nylon mesh strung over a diecast aluminum frame, the net is ready for years and years of lunker scooping.

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Because bass is spread all over the country, a one size fits all fishing forecast is impossible. Instead, we’d like to offer a challenge. Pick a lake or river that you’ve never fished before—maybe the place you’ve always meant to go. Next, choose a weekend and give it a shot.

Exploring new waters is one of bass fishing’s greatest charms. Sure, it can take a bit of trial and error, but there is plenty of information around to help if you look hard enough. Asking around the shop where you buy your favorite Bubba gear is a great place to start. When you catch the one you’re after, tag us with the photo.
― The BUBBA™ Team