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Filleting Redefined

If you’re looking for two innovative and adventurous guys, look no further than Dennis and Josh. You might know Dennis’ work from over one hundred products he’s engineered. Or maybe you know Josh having seen him chase after his dream fish. Together the two can be found brainstorming new ideas to better the angling world. The design and vision of Bubba’s Electric Fillet Knife is the crown jewel in their tackle box bringing our fillet knives into the 21st Century.


“I want to bring a modern look to the oldest sport known to man,” said Dennis. He was motivated to design this knife to expand into the hands of freshwater fishermen. Josh loved the idea of modernizing the knife design while keeping the classic Bubba aesthetic and was excited to translate their ideas into an electric fillet knife.


How to Fillet a Salmon | Water to Plate Tutorials from Bubba Blade

The 9-month long road from roundtable discussion to testing was long and laborious, but well worth it when the guys finally got their baby into the hands of some experienced fishermen. Hours of internal testing of the knife went on to ensure it would be Bubba’s next big thing. It was specifically tested to endure hours of use and hold up to every type of fish from saltwater to freshwater.


“Seeing videos of Charter Captains using our knife and truly getting excited about it makes us excited,” said Josh. Dennis agreed, “The excitement meter can only go so high until you put it in the hands of others.”


Dennis poured his heart, soul and 23 years of engineering expertise into building the Electric Fillet Knife. He handcrafted the design of this knife from scratch, honing everything in from the EVA molded case to incorporating our famous “Tapered Flex” and “Stiff” fillet knives in the four titanium nitride blade styles. We’ve included blades to cover the entire spectrum of fishing, including: 7” E-Flex, 9” E-Flex, 9” E-Stiff, and the 12” E-Stiff.  So, no matter what you’re fishing, for you’ll always have a perfect blade to choose from at your fingertips.


“I love how we successfully replicated our current Bubba Fillet Knives merging key features of Bubba like the handle design and optimal blade selection into an electric form,” said Josh.


The Electric Fillet Knife is carefully detailed to feature the most advanced technology specifically designed for maximum motor and transmission output making it the most efficient cut on the market. The knife is engineered for ultimate dependence when fishing day in and day out. 


Whether you’re filleting two fish or two hundred, you’ll breeze through your latest catch using the red ergonomic non-slip grip you’ve come to know and trust. The Electric Fillet Knife is the first of its kind in the Bubba family but still boasts all the features you know and love.


We know you’ll love the newest member of our family and would love to hear what you think. Hit us up on social media and tell us all about your recent outing with the all new 110V Electric Corded Fillet Knife.


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