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Cosmo and the Baja


The sun slowly creeps over the horizon providing a soft, subtle orange glow that illuminates a silhouette of the panga boat, awaiting its departure for the voyage ahead. There is a stillness in the air. Nobody speaks, but everyone is busy gathering up supplies and gear necessary for the task at hand. Rods, reels, and beer are high on the priority list. One last sip of the now lukewarm morning coffee before casting off. Dawn approaches and the sirens of the sea are calling. No matter the shore or the sea that borders its rocky grasp, routines never change. Every fisherman has a ritual, a way of doing things, and Cosmo Goss is no different.

Bubba Presents: The Ultimate Lifestyle™ | Cosmo & the Baja

Father & Son

Growing up in Southern California, the ocean was never out of reach for young Cosmo. His father’s dock was an often-visited stage for his youthful hijinks. From fishing to diving and later spearfishing, the ocean runs through Cosmo’s veins. His father helped guide him through this venture. Owning a boat and being a tournament fisherman, his father was a great source for nautical enlightenment. Teaching everything from proper knot-tying to the ends-and-outs of angling, his father was paramount in Cosmo’s development as a fishing wunderkind. When Cosmo was old enough to be of service to his father’s fishing endeavors, he became a deckhand. Engulfing himself in the culture that surrounds the tournament scene, this helped to fuel an ever-growing passion that would never cease. Jokingly, Cosmo likes to say that his father passed down the most expensive hobby in the world. What he did instead cultivated a lifelong passion for his son to flourish in.

The Fisherman

Fishing is my passion, my addiction,'' muses Cosmo. A passion crafted in childhood but satiated consistently throughout his adult life. Rather for business or pleasure, Cosmo never travels anywhere unless fishing is somehow involved. From catching tiger fish on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe to hooking Dorado off the coast in Baja California Sur, Cosmo is compelled to feed his aquatic cravings. While the term addiction may hold a negative connotation, here it is the most eloquent and accurate way to describe Cosmo’s need to fish. It’s a part of his soul. However, his dad helped to shape the other side of that coin. If Cosmo’s soul is fishing, his heart is cooking.

The Chef

“If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Lao-Tzu

Cosmo’s father was more than just a fisherman; he was also a restaurateur. Cosmo started off working in the restaurant washing dishes and then rapidly ascended to line cook and beyond. His father's initial goal was to keep Cosmo out of trouble and create a sense of work ethic that was lost among most teenagers. His father never intended for cooking to be a career avenue for his son, but a parent’s woeful skepticism can sometimes be misplaced. His son took to cooking with a fervor similar in how fishing had grabbed ahold many years earlier. As he grew older, he attended Johnson & Wales University in Colorado to hone his skills in the kitchen. His fascination with the culinary arts continued to blossom throughout his young adult life. Hopping from kitchen to kitchen, city to city, Cosmo was starting to make a name for himself as more than just a cook but a chef.


Cosmo always had a plan to move to Mexico when he retired. Under the assumption that it would take that long to acquire the funds necessary for such a drastic lifestyle change. His goal never wavered. He always loved the Baja. The people, the fishing, the culture, embellishments to an already alluring location. Very few places on Earth have such grandiose mountain ranges serving as a sublime backdrop while trolling for whatever sea creature the ocean gods deem ready for capture. The region is teeming with character, so what better place to house the man with the most character than the Baja. Cosmo’s destiny wasn’t written in the stars but the sand. A successful career in the culinary arts as a chef and consultant has led to his accelerated achievements. Moving to Ensenada, Mexico, in his 30’s with his beautiful wife Julie and starting a restaurant nearby has brought Cosmo all that he could want out of life. An outlet to showcase his decadent cuisine and a house on the coast. All within walking distance to his first love, the sea.
― The BUBBA™ Team