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Trout are hands-down one of the most popular freshwater game fish. There are a variety of trout such as the brown trout, lake trout, brook trout and probably the most well-known, rainbow trout. They don’t put up the best fight like your bass, salmon and northern pike, but they sure make up for it in taste.

Trout are often a challenge to catch as they take patience and skill, and can either be caught using a rod and reel or by fly fishing. A trout’s greatest defense is their outstanding eyesight, which allows them to focus their eyes in different directions at the same time – letting them see in nearly every direction at once.

Don’t let their impeccable eyesight or cooler weather keep you from the water, November is one of the best times of the year for trout fishing. If you’re thinking about fishing for some trout, here are the top 5 best baits and lures that are sure to get you a bite:

1. Insects

Trout are always on the hunt for food and will eat just about anything in their sight. Because of their enormous appetite, trout will swim in circles for other fish, crustaceans, leeches, worms and other foods.

About 90 percent of trout’s diet is bugs. This is because they are an easy prey for trout. It’s easy for trout to lie in calm water and munch on passing flies, ants and beetles than it is to chase after minnows.

2. Rebel Wee-Crawfish

For our rod and reel friends, the Rebel Wee-Crawfish is one of the best artificial lures out there for trout fishing. It’s designed to imitate a crawfish scooting across the bottom as if it were a fleeing crustacean. Because trout have knack for seeing everything they are sure to not miss any movements in the water.

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3. Minnows

As great as lures and fly lines are as bait, you can’t beat the live natural bait for trout. One of the tastiest snacks for trout are minnows. The larger trout gobble them down like candy. Not many anglers use minnows as bait, but if you’re after the trophy trout, minnows are your go-to.

4. Fish Eggs

Trout also like to eat other fish’s eggs, especially salmon eggs. Using fish eggs as bait will also draw in the attention of trout. The best way to fish using fish eggs is to use the egg loop knot. This will help keep the eggs on the hook, so you can use it for multiple casts.

Salmon eggs are available in their natural coloring as well as other colors such as orange, red, pink, yellow and even fluorescent colors. Typically, the eggs will be treated with either a salty brine solution or with attractants featuring ingredients such as garlic or anise.

5. Berkley PowerBait

Berkley PowerBait is a go-to bait when it comes to fishing for trout. They have a strong odor that draws in trout from far away. They also come in all kinds of colors, which because of their excellent vision, it triggers the predatory instinct of them.

Although Berkley PowerBait is naturally a "flowing" bait, you can use it close to the bottom if you use a weight with it. You can also increase your likelihood of getting a bite by putting a PowerBait and a nightcrawler on the hook. This way the PowerBait has a nice color and odor while the nightcrawler provides movement attracting trout to it..
― The BUBBA™ Team