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Bubba's Ultimate Angler Gift Guide

Bubba builds knives, that’s no secret. The catch is finding that perfect blade for the right application. Whether you hit the sweetwater, saltwater or hardwater, it's high time you fill up that Holiday gift list and add some blades to your arsenal. Here are 5 Bubba gems to ask for:

1. Multi-flex™ Interchangeable Set

Panfish. Seatrout. Redfish. Flounder. Smallmouth. Should we go on? Need a separate blade to fillet each one? How about getting one interchangeable knife system to fillet them all. No doubt the Multi-Flex Knife is the Everyman’s fillet knife. Featuring four different full-tang blades (7” Tapered Flex, 8” Ultra Flex, 9” Serrated Flex, 9” Stiff), the Multi-Flex takes care of business across the boards. If you switch between species regularly, there’s no better friend than the Multi-Flex as the all in one system puts your mind at ease that you have the right blade for the right job – every time. An easy-to-use squeeze and slide mechanism allow you to switch between blades quickly and seamlessly, while the Flex-Change™ locking system keeps the blade safe and secure. All fish beware.

2. Lithium Ion Electric Fillet Knife

Think of this as if Wolverine came in Swiss Army style. The Lithium Ion Electric Fillet knife is an absolute beast with every blade imaginable for any fish imaginable. Never has there been a knife that can effortlessly crossover so many species; both freshwater and saltwater. Four different blade styles — 7"; E-FLEX, 9"; E-FLEX, 9"; E-STIFF, and 12"; E-STIFF – can be interchanged to make quick work of your quarry. Got a pile of crappie stacked as high as a skyscraper? Clip in the 7-inch blade to cut it down to size. Those thick flanks of redfish or striped bass? Slice through the carcass easily with the 8-inch E-Stiff then switch out to the 9-inch Flex blade for easy removal of skins. And don’t leave tuna out of it either. Carving those perfect loins with the 12-inch blade is way easier done than said. With a replacement battery, charging cord and battery life indicator, you’re never going to shortchange yourself or run out of juice mid-fillet.

3. Carbon Fiber Fishing Net

Hoo boy, that alligator sized muskie is coming to boat side, and the hooks are barely sticking in between its serrated teeth. Can your buddy hang on long enough to guide him to the boat? Who cares, you’ve got the Bubba Carbon Fiber Fishing net. In one easy scoop, the muskie is on board. With a 75-pound rating, aerospace aluminum strength, knotless fibers, and non-slip grip, you can rest assured no fish will slip out of the net nor slip out of the netter’s hand. The wide gap is suited to handle the likes of trophy redfish, striped bass, and still scoop up any catch of a lifetime with confidence.

4. 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife

Think about how many times you forgot or misplaced your fillet knife after a big trip and had to bum a 3 inch pocket knife off your buddy to skin a deer or slice through a day’s worth of fish? Sucks right? Well, how about putting a long 7-inch blade in your pocket that fits perfectly folded up? Outdoor adventures always call for a knife bigger than you have and the 7-inch Tapered Folding Flex Knife covers everything in a pinch and then some. Built with a premium Lockback mechanism, sheath, and lanyard hole, there’s no reason you can’t safely slip this beauty easily into your pocket, tackle box or glove compartment to give you peace of mind. Rest assured a solid, practical blade is always within reach.